Aiding and abetting


Aiding and Abetting 


Aiding and abetting is to assist or facilitate the commission of a crime.


Aiding and Abetting Law

Aiding and abetting is giving assistance or support to someone else in the commission of a crime and instigating, encouraging, or motivating someone to commit a crime

Most people do not know that helping a person to commit a felony is also a crime. According to the law, anyone who is aware of, encourages, plans and/or aids another person in the commission of an illegal activity may also be considered guilty of the same crime. Even if you are not present during the actual wrongdoing, you can still be charged with aiding and abetting that crime.

Accessory – a person who provides assistance to another individual during the commission of a crime. Most jurisdictions distinguish between an “accessory before the fact” (assisting someone to execute a crime before it happens) or an “accessory after the fact” ( helping the culprit avoid capture or prosecution ). How you are charged as an accessory is based on when your assistance was given to the person who perpetrated the illegal act.

Aiding and abetting can include:

  • Providing support by giving advice or financial support to facilitate the success of a crime
  • Offering encouragement to the perpetrator(s) of the wrongdoing through words or direction
  • Having knowledge of a wrongdoing that will be carried out and neglecting to report it to authorities
  • Giving monetary aid or safe house to the culprit of the wrongdoing, either before or after the crime has been committed
  • Offering to help, hide or assist the culprit to escape capture by authorities

Penalties for aiding and abetting are usually based on your level of involvement and the severity of the offense. If you are convicted of aiding and abetting, you would be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor, which can mean confinement in jail for up to one year, and a fine of up to $2500.


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