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Building a Comprehensive Criminal Defense

Dec. 21, 2020

SC criminal proceedings tend to be not only complicated but also lengthy, especially if the process reaches jury trial. Unlike popular opinion, Criminal trials tend to be extremely complicated and require a substantial amount of time. Jury’s are unpredictable and outcomes are never guaranteed.

If your criminal charge goes to trial, it is important that you retain a criminal defense attorney in Greenville, SC to help you prepare for trial as well as leave a good impression on the jury. A Greenville Criminal Defense Attorney can help you be ready for each aspect of the criminal process, which includes preparation for cross-examination questions, and the best way to answer those questions.

Our Greenville Lawyer handles criminal cases for both adults and youths who are fighting a misdemeanor or felony charges, whether in state or federal courts of South Carolina.

  • Assault Charges

  • Aggravated Assault Charges

  • College Students Accused of Crimes

  • Domestic violence

  • DUI and Alcohol Offenses

  • Federal Offenses

  • Fraud and White-Collar Crimes

  • Grand Jury Investigations

  • Homicide

  • Juvenile Offenses

  • Manslaughter

  • Theft and Burglary Charges

Criminal Court Appearances in Greenville, SC

Jurors are extremely observant from the moment they enter the courtroom and as a defendant, it is important to be aware of how you will potentially be perceived by each juror.

When a member of the jury observes the defendant in court, jurors are not simply listening to the specifics of the defendant’s testimony on the stand, but they’re also observing the body language before, during, and after the defendant’s testimony, as well as the defendant’s facial expressions and gestures.

Criminal defendants should keep the following in mind during the trial:

  • Prior to the start of your trial, a good assumption is that each person could potentially be a jury member in the case. Therefore, it is important to keep your actions and verbal statements under control as well as using your best manners as it relates to interpersonal situations.

  • It is important to avoid gestures or visible reactions to testimony by other witnesses while seated or while on the witness stand. For example, do not become visibly upset if an opposing witness says something untrue or objectionable while on the witness stand.

  • Do not smile or laugh before testifying, while testifying, or after testifying. Try and remain as straight-faced as possible.

Building a Criminal Defense in Greenville, SC

person handcuffedAfter the selection of a jury, a South Carolina criminal trial usually starts with opening statements by each attorney which describe the evidence presented in the case as well as the theoretical positions of their cases. The Prosecution leads off because the State has the burden of proof.

The State of South Carolina – or the prosecution – usually follows by calling forth witnesses and questioning them about the criminal incident, and the defense attorney cross-examines each witness. After the prosecution concludes its case-in-chief, the Greenville, SC Criminal Defense Attorney may then call witnesses, including the defendant, to the stand to testify.

The defendant’s testimony at trial is critical as it relates to raising legal defenses to a criminal accusation, such as an alibi, mistake of fact, lack of criminal intent, duress, or entrapment. After a defense witness provides their testimony, the prosecutor may then cross-examine that witness.

A criminal trial in Greenville, SC is concluded after the judge instructs the jury on the criminal law which is applicable when deciding the case, along with closing arguments by both attorneys. Following the conclusion of the criminal trial proceedings, the jurors will deliberate and decide the outcome of the case regarding guilty or acquittal.