Expungement Law


Expungement – the official sealing, erasing or deletion of a person’s criminal record.


Expungement: We can help you clear your criminal record.

Expungement is the legal process that allows a person to have any arrest or conviction erased from his/her record.

A criminal record can negatively affect many aspects of your life: your ability to rent an apartment, get federal student loans, or to gain employment. Eligibility and the legal processes involved with expungement vary greatly from state to state. Each state has laws that outline which offenses can be expunged and those which cannot.

Different jurisdictions have specific eligibility requirements for expungement; however, most states consider these things:

  • The type of crime that was committed
  • Time requirement – the amount of time which has passed since sentencing for that crime
  • Prior and new offenses – the person must not have had any prior arrests/convictions or committed any new offenses since the incident they are trying to get expunged from their record
  • Completed all Criminal Proceedings – the person must have no criminal cases pending (waiting to be tried) in court
  • Complete Sentence – the person must have completed all requirements of the penalty imposed by the court for the past conviction with no violations

Serious crimes like rape, murder, child pornography, and serious weapons charges cannot be expunged.


Most states will allow a person’s criminal record to be “sealed” but the person is still legally required to answer “ yes” if questioned on a formal application for employment , leases, and weapons permit about whether they have been convicted of a felony.

However, when a person’s criminal history has been expunged, the court file and all relevant documentation is sealed and removed from public record. Once a charge has been legally “erased” in this way, that person is then free to deny/not disclose that s/he has been charged with a crime.

If you feel that you have a chance to have your criminal record expunged, call Haley Law Firm, LLC so we discuss your eligibility. Our legal team has the expertise to help you get your record cleared and your life back on track. Call today to set up an appointment for your free consultation.




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