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Embezzlement Attorneys in Greenville, South Carolina

Embezzlement – theft or misappropriation of a company’s money that has been placed in person’s trust by the employer.

What is Embezzlement?

hand on stacks of 100 dollar billsEmbezzlement occurs when a person, who has been entrusted with the money/assets of a company and intentionally uses it for something other than its intended purpose without consent. It is considered a “white-collar” crime and is also referred to as “financial fraud” or “larceny.” Embezzlement is usually committed by a person who has been given control of a company’s finances.

Embezzlement can occur when a perpetrator steals small amounts of money at a time to prevent a financial administrator’s notice. On a larger scale, the perpetrator takes a substantial sum of money at one time and covers it up by, manipulating financial documents, making fake receipts for transactions that never happened, and/or moving money around from one account to another to cover up the theft. Since the theft of money can take place over a long period of time. Embezzlement is considered a premeditated crime.

When charging a person with embezzlement, the court must prove:

  • The defendant must have understood that a crime was being committed when s/he took the money or property. (If the person is not aware that the action was wrong, the crime may be reduced to larceny.)

  • The person accused of the crime must believe/know that the assets taken did not rightfully belong to him/her.

  • There must be intent. It must be proven that the perpetrator purposely took the money/property in order to defraud the business owner.

  • It must be shown that the person being charged had been entrusted with the money or property of the company.

Facing Criminal Charges?

The penalty for embezzlement differs depending on the amount of money or value of the property taken. Every state has different ways of determining the severity of the crime, but most consider anything over $2,500 a felony. Felonies are penalized more harshly.

Other factors that the court takes into consideration when determining the punishment including: the amount of money/property taken and a prior criminal record if there is one. The perpetrator is often required to pay restitution to the business and it is common for that person to be put on probation until the money is repaid.

The judge has the discretion to impose jail/prison time, mandatory community service, and make the guilty party pay court fees.

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